The Will of My Father

From the time of her son’s birth, Mary, the mother of Christ Jesus, began a journey of spiritual growth.  The relationship that began with the small baby in her arms needed to transcend from a natural relationship between her and her son to a spiritual relationship between her and her Savior.

She had to see that the one to whom she gave life, was the one from whom her life would come.

The one for whom she offered a sacrifice for in Jerusalem, was the one whom in that same city would sacrifice for her – with his own life.

The one she took to present to Yahweh, was the one who, one day would present her to God.

The one she brought up for God, was really the one who was bringing her up for Him.

The gospel accounts give us glimpses into some of the paradigm shifting interactions that she had with her son.  His gentle, but soul searching rebukes would change her perspective of who he was, and what his mission was to be. His words would not only forever change Mary’s life, but they are recorded so that they can also change ours.

For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother. Matthew 12:50

– Thoughts taken from “Mary, the Handmaid of the Lord” Class 1 by Con Mitsos on

Thank you to Karen P. for the photo!

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