Apostle Paul Lapbook

Over the coming months, we plan to share with you a number of teaching resources that can be used for Sunday School and Bible Schools, or even at home with your own children.  Our first post is the Apostle Paul lapbook.

Some of you may be familiar with lapbooks and others may have never heard of them before!  So firstly, let’s explain what a lapbook is!

What is a lapbook?

A lapbook is a creative way of displaying information in a folder that fits in a child’s lap!  There are so many different ways to put together a lapbook and endless possibilities for the type and number of flaps and mini books you create for inside the lapbook.  Lapbooks are very hands on and interactive for kids.  They learn as they put them together and also as they continue to review the lapbooks in the weeks and months that follow.  They are nice and flat and can be stored easily … and pulled out for many hours of enjoyment!

I will say that lapbooks do involve a LOT of cutting out, especially if you have a large group of kids you are preparing for!  I find it is easier to have all the cutting out done in advance, so you can use your class time for the lesson and putting the various flaps together.  But why not involve others in the cutting out process?!  I have often relied on several older sisters in our ecclesia to help with cutting … they love being involved!!

Even though there is a bit of preparation work involved, it is all worth it!  They are so fun to make and kids enjoy them as well.  Plus it’s a nice flat craft for kids to take home from a Bible School!

Apostle Paul Lapbook

Now we know what a lapbook is, we are going to talk briefly about the Apostle Paul lapbook.  This particular lapbook was created for a Bible School (5 Sunday School sessions) for a 6-8 year old class.  It could also be used in Sunday School when covering the life of Paul.  You could choose to add other things to the lapbook if needed, or even scale it back and include fewer flaps.


I also included Bible marking pages at the back of the lapbook.  These were used for colouring various themes as we went through the lesson each day.


Assembling Your Lapbook

Here are some instructions of how to fold your file folder or manila folder.  I use letter size file folders (A4 would also be suitable).

Lapbook Files

There are a few files which make up the lapbook:

  • This PDF document is the front cover for the lapbook.
  • This PDF document contains most of the flaps.  The instructions on how to assemble each flap is included within the document.
  • This PDF document is the mini book on Ephesus.  If you are unsure how to fold a mini book, just google “how to fold a mini book” and you will get lots of instructions!

And that’s all there is to it!  Have fun putting the lapbook together.  This is just a small way to help the Bible stories come alive and instill God’s principles in the minds of our young ones.

Lesson Notes

These are the lesson notes that go along with the lapbook.  At the end of each lesson, there is a list of what lapbook flaps were done for that particular day.


There were worksheets to go along with Lessons 1, 2, 4 and 5.

Please refer to this post for the roman soldier finger puppet and this post for the passport activity … both go into this lapbook.


Other Lapbooks

If you are interested in other lapbooks we have created, please have a look at:

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