Book Reviews – “The Pumpkin Contest,” and “The Great GT Challenge”

Do you ever find yourself reminding your children how to behave over and over?  The following Christadelphian-authored books might come in handy for you!  These books are primarily geared towards ages 5-10ish.

In The Pumpkin Contest (by Frank Abel, illustrated by Martha Sales), Joanne carefully nurtures her growing pumpkin plant.  But when her massive pumpkin disappears, she wrongly accuses her friend of stealing it.  Thankfully, all is made right, and Joanne learns her important lesson by the end of the story.




Uncle Joe’s Sunday School class is excited for the yearly G.T. race in the book The Great G.T. Challenge (by Martha Sales).  Uncle Joe provides an interesting twist to this year’s race when he tells the children that they need to bring a younger sibling along.  The children learn that the race is not all about winning, but applying the lessons that Uncle Joe has been teaching them in his Sunday School class.  This is a good re-enforcing story about learning to put others before yourself.


The Pumpkin Contest is available from the following four sources.  The Great G.T. Challenge is currently available from all of the following sources except the Detroit Book Supply.

The Christadelphian Office: (England)

The Detroit Book Supply: (USA)

Thousand Oak Library: (USA)

Christadelphian Scriptural Study Service: (AUS)



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