Bible School Lesson Plans – Intro and Request

God willing, over time we would like to build a collection of Bible School Curriculum lesson plans.  To start this year we’re planning to post four Bible School Lesson Plans – two for preschool, one for elementary, and one for the intermediate age group, starting next Saturday.

We can use your help for future plans, please!  We would like our collection to contain all original work once we can, but until we have built up a collection of photos our posts will contain links sourcing many of our photos, activities, crafts etc.  So if you have taken photos of crafts and activities etc from Bible School, will you please consider sharing them so that we have a repertoire of photos that we can use without copyright concerns?  The photos would need to be of the craft or activity only (no faces) to preserve privacy for children, please.

Secondly, we would love your feedback on the lesson plans!  If you use them, we would love to hear about things that worked well, anything you might have added to personalize it, and anything we could do differently that might have helped you.

Thank you and happy teaching!

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