Fall of the Red Apple: The Drowning of an Empire Drama Presentation

The Fall of the Red Apple: The Drowning of an Empire is a historical re-enactment of the conquest of the city of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks and how it pertains to the Bible.

This play was done as a Bible School evening program. Most of the young people saw their lines only 4 days prior to the presentation. All the props were assembled by a group of stage hands who preferred not to act.

Here is a link to the presentation.

Constantine, King of Constantinople judged by God for his long standing corruption of the Truth.


The play is based off of Revelation Ch 9:13-21.

For further exposition of these verses we recommend you read Bro. John Thomas’ book Eureka volume 2b pages 155-161. Below is a short excerpt:

Very heavy 15th century bronze cannon of type used by Turks in siege of Constantinople, 1453. Designed by Urban, the bell maker.

“Am I,” said the Sultan to a Urban, founder of a cannon, who had deserted from the Greeks, “capable of throwing a ball or stone of sufficient size to batter the walls of Constantinople?”

“I am not ignorant of their strength” replied the artist; “but were they more solid than those of Babylon, I could oppose an engine of superior power.”




This PDF document is the script.

This PDF document is the costume and prop list.

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