Sing the Word Review has been a gold mine for our family … “scripture memory songs for the whole family”!  The vision of is “Planting the Word of God in the hearts of children through the art of music” …  and they have certainly achieved this!  Most of the music has been composed and recorded by the Harrow Family.  You can read more about the family here.

We have only downloaded “Sing the Word from A to Z”, “The Quiet Time Collection” and “A New Commandment”, so the comments mainly relate to these three CDs.  This music has been an amazing addition to our many car rides!!  There have been countless times we have been doing the readings together and one of the kids will say, “We have that song in our van!”  Or the kids will go around the house singing the catchy songs.   Most of the songs are direct scripture put to music, so it’s a great way for kids to memorise Bible verses and have God’s Word in their minds!

Sing the Word from A to Z

This CD has 26 scripture memory songs … one for each letter of the alphabet!  It also includes instrumental-only tracks which can be used for performances.

The physical CD is $11.85, CD download is $9.95 and the Songbook Download is $9.95.

This is a link to “Sing the Word from A to Z”.

The Quiet Time Collection

This is a collection of 21 calming songs suitable for naptime, bed time or quiet time.  If you spend more than $19.90 on their website, you will get this collection of songs for free!  So if you buy the Sing the Word from A to Z download and songbook, you will get this collection for free!  Just thought I’d mention that.

At the moment you can only buy the download of “The Quiet Time Collection”.  Unfortunately a songbook isn’t available for this CD since all the songs are already on other CDs.  I did ask Steve Harrow a few months ago whether it would be possible to create a songbook and he said he may start working on that request!

This is a link to “The Quiet Time Collection”.

A New Commandment

This is a collection of 19 scripture songs.  Some of them are a little longer than the songs on the above two CDs and are suitable for older children.

The physical CD is $12.70, CD download is $9.95 and the Songbook Download is $9.95.

This is a link to the CD and songbook for “A New Commandment”.

This is a link to the sheet music for individual songs on “A New Commandment”

I have also used individual songs from some of the other CDs and you’re able to download the sheet music for one particular song for some of the CDs (rather than the complete songbook).

You can listen to sample tracks of each of the CDs by clicking “Listen on your device” or “Listen on SoundCloud” on a particular product page (see screenshot).

I will say there are a few songs that have a bit of a beat, but if you purchase the piano music you can play along with the songs rather than using their recordings.

Note:  All prices in this post are in US dollars.

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