The Sound of Many Waters

The story of Mary isn’t over.  John’s vision of the future Son of Man, a glorified Christ (Rev. 2:15-16) is a multitudinous Christ.  His voice is the sound of many waters – it’s a myriad of voices, speaking as one.  They speak the word of truth, represented by a sharp two edged sword.

Before the sword had pierced through Mary’s “soul also,” but now she is part of the Man of One.  Mary and her son together will speak with the same sword of Truth coming out of their mouth.

May we also allow the sword to pierce our soul, and divide asunder the flesh and spirit now so that we also may soon speak the truth as one with Mary and her son.


– Thoughts taken from “Mary, the Handmaid of the Lord” by Con Mitsos on

Magnify Him Together
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