Glad Wrap Painting

This is a great craft to use as part of a review week activity or as a Bible School craft.  It’s versatile and can be used with a variety of lessons, or for a lesson that you’re stuck on ideas for what to do as a craft!  It is also a fun craft to do at home with your own kids or grandkids … and it’s relatively mess-free!

Supplies needed:

  • Piece of white paper (any size)
  • Paint (preferable tempra paint or some kind of washable paint)
  • Glad wrap, cling wrap, saran wrap, plastic wrap (whatever you call it in your part of the world!)
  • Bible verse written on a separate piece of paper
  • Sun template (optional)

How to do it:

1.  Squirt blobs of paint on a piece of paper.  Don’t put paint too close to the edges otherwise it will ooze out!  You can use a variety of colours … have fun experimenting!

2.  Lay a piece of glad wrap over the top of the paper.  Make sure your glad wrap is larger than the area your paint is on.

3.  Now the fun part!!  Squish the paint with your hands.  (It’s funny to see young children do this and wonder why the paint isn’t getting on their hands.) 

4.  When you are done, carefully remove the glad wrap and admire your artwork J

5.  I have also used the extra paint left on the glad wrap to re-stamp onto another piece of paper for an additional page (or two!)


While the paint is drying, have the kids write out a bible verse on a separate piece of paper.  If you’re using this craft for a Sunday School lesson, the verse could be something that relates to the lesson.


I once did this craft at home and we used Psalm 113v3 and cut out this black sun to glue onto our artwork.


I recently used this idea with my Sunday School class on a larger sheet of paper.  They used the artwork to cover their Project Books and added a bible verse from the lessons we covered this year.

An even “cleaner” option … if you are using smaller pieces of paper (and younger children!), carefully put the piece of paper, with the paint blobs on it, in a Ziploc bag and close it up before pressing on the paint.  This will be totally mess-free!

Happy painting!

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