Lamenting in the Psalms

{Thank you to Kristen S. for the “Closer to God” summaries!}

Did you know that the majority of the Psalms are of laments or complaints to God? It can almost feel wrong to say a prayer complaining to God… but scripture is filled with so many examples of men and women pouring out their hearts to Him. Think of Job, Jeremiah, David and Hannah…the list goes on. We are instructed to bring our concerns to God and these examples show us the proper way to do that. They did not show a lack of reverence or Godly fear, but it is clear they are struggling and pour out every emotion to the Father. Even when barely holding on in faith, they find something that gives them confidence in God (whether from the past or future hope) and include that in their prayer which helps to sustain them through their trial.

Pouring out our heart to God helps our faith grow. God isn’t looking for pious prayers, but real prayers from the heart. Even if we are on the edge of faith, God wants to know exactly how we feel. While prayers of thankfulness and praise have their important place too, it’s critical to not lose sight of the importance of sharing the deepest thoughts and concerns that impact our everyday lives. Wouldn’t we share our feelings with someone we are close to? This is precisely why it is a vital part of building our relationship with our Father in Heaven.

– Thoughts taken from the “Closer to God” Class 2 by Bro. Tim Badger on


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