Moses In Egypt: Five Day Lesson Plan for Preschoolers

Moses in Egypt.  A baby, miraculously spared from Pharoah’s murderous decree and adopted by an Egyptian princess.  A bush on fire without being consumed, plagues beyond imagination, and a climatic salvation through the opened Red Sea.  There is hardly a fairly tale that could beat the drama of Moses.

This preschool lesson plan will hopefully be useful to you either as a ready to go plan, or as a springboard to begin developing ideas for your own lesson plan.

Since preschool age children have a short attention span and usually need a lot of interaction, dramatic play, sensory activities, and movement, we have tried to incorporate these things into the lesson plans.  Each day includes: several ideas for telling the story that you can intersperse between activities, props, hands on activities, songs, crafts, and snacks to keep little ones involved and busy.

If you have a large group, you may consider organizing the activities into “centers” for the children to rotate through as small groups after starting with a group circle time for telling the lesson.

Transition songs are a cheerful way to instruct children regarding what you expect them to be doing.  This website has a compilation of transition songs that are good for capturing the children’s attention and directing them.

The craft for each day is contained on one sheet of paper.  At the end of the week, you can bind the pages from each day into a book, if desired.  This document (Moses cover and verse template)  includes a cover for the craft book (print the cover on thick or cardstock paper), and a sheet of verses to glue onto each day’s craft page.  Feel free to have the children decorate their cover as one of their activities during the week.

This document (Moses Puppets) is a collection of puppet templates for the week.  These can be printed off and used to tell the story, and additional copies can be printed off for the children to color as an additional craft, if desired.


Day One – Baby Moses is Rescued – Page 1 of post
Day Two – Moses and the Burning Bush – Page 2 of post
Day Three – The Ten Plagues – Page 3 of post
Day Four – The Passover and Freedom – Page 4 of post
Day Five – Crossing the Red Sea – Page 5 of post

Day One – Baby Moses is Rescued

Supply Checklist:

  • Photos or PowerPoint for storytelling
  • Puppets for storytelling – Moses and Miriam
  • Props for storytelling – blue blanket or blue plastic tablecloth, doll, basket with blankets
  • Activity – chalk (or painters tape) maze and ball
  • Song – printed words, downloaded recording of song
  • Craft supplies – blue construction paper for background, green construction paper for cutting, glue, precut baby, crayons or markers, precut verse
  • Additional activity – printed puppets, crayons, popsicle sticks, tape
  • Snack – banana, fruit roll up, cupcake liners, water, plates, cups, napkins

Exodus 1 v 4 She hid the basket in tall bulrushes by the side of the river. Miriam kept watch over the baby from a distance. – Slide 17

Big Idea:

We can trust God, even when scary things happen.

Photos for Storytelling:

Free Bible Images has a series of illustrations that can be used to tell the story of baby Moses  You can print off large copies, or put the photos in a PowerPoint presentation.   (We did a post on ideas for using the free Bible images website.)

Props for Storytelling:Basket Shopping Basket Isolated Shopping W

Blue blanket or plastic tablecloth – create the Nile river.

Doll – to represent baby Moses.

Basket with blankets – to put baby Moses in and put him in the “Nile”.

Puppets – print and use baby Moses and Miriam puppet for telling the story (template is in the post intro).

Sensory or Movement:

Play hide and seek with the baby Moses doll.  Have Jochebed hide him in the basket in the ‘river’ and have the children pretend to be the princess finding him.



Jochebed Put Baby Moses in the River

Jochebed Put Baby Moses in the River

Jochebed put baby Moses in the river, in the river. (Use hands to demonstrate Jochebed putting Moses in the basket and then in the river).

Jochebed put baby Moses in the river Nile long. (Use hands to demonstrate a flowing river.)

In a basket great and strong.  In a basket great and strong.

Jochebed put baby Moses in the river Nile long.


Precut Moses in the basket from this template.  Precut bulrushes depending on the age of the kids.  Have kids “trim” bulrushes.  Color baby Moses in the basket.  Then glue basket down, and bulrushes down.  Glue verse on bulrushes.

Additional Craft:

Puppet coloring!  Using crayons or markers color precut baby Moses and Miriam puppets before gluing them onto popsicle sticks (template is in the post intro).


Baby Moses in a basket: wrap a banana in fruit roll up.



Please click on pages 2 through 5 below for the rest of the lesson plans.

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