Moses In Egypt: Five Day Lesson Plan for Preschoolers

Day Three – The Ten Plagues

Supply Checklist:

  • Photos or PowerPoint for storytelling
  • Puppets for storytelling – snake and Pharoah
  • Props for storytelling – snake, red koolaid crystals, frogs and bugs, doll with boils, styrofoam balls
  • Activity – use props from the story telling
  • Song – printed words, downloaded recording of song
  • Craft supplies – construction paper for backing, printed 10 plagues sheet, crayons or markers, precut construction paper over top for “opening”, glue, precut verse
  • Additional activity – printed puppets, crayons, popsicle sticks, tape
  • Snack – red jello, water, cups, napkins

Despite seeing the great power of God Pharaoh refused to let the Hebrew slaves go - just as God had said he would. It was now time for God to show his power by bringing plagues on the Egyptians. – Slide 14Big Idea:

God is the only true god.

Photos for Storytelling:

Free Bible Images has a series of illustrations that can be used to tell the story of the ten plagues, You can print off large copies, or put the photos in a PowerPoint presentation.   (We did a post on ideas for using the free Bible images website.)

Props for Storytelling:

Snake – for the first sign to Pharoah.

Koolaid crystals – to put in the bottom of a cup.  Pour water in to demonstrate the water turning to blood.

Frogs and bugs – for various plagues.

Doll – color “boils” onto the doll.

Styrofoam balls – for hail.

Puppets – print and use snake and Pharoah puppets for telling the story (template is in the post intro).

Sensory or Movement:

Act out some of the 10 plagues – jump like frogs, swat at flies, dodge hail.  If the kids are on the older end of the range you can turn these into an ‘obstacle’ course for them to go through.


“The Ten Plagues” (to the tune of “This Old Man”)


Glue 10 plagues sheet (10 plagues template)  onto a harder construction paper backing (or print onto a thicker sheet to start with).  Have kids color the 10 plagues.  Glue precut “door” paper over top of the 10 plagues.  Glue verse at the bottom.

Additional Craft:

Puppet coloring!  Using crayons or markers color precut Pharoah and the serpent puppets before gluing them onto popsicle sticks (template is in the post intro).


Red jello for water to blood!




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