Hallelujah – Praising God

{Thank you to Kristen S. for the Closer to God summaries!}

While the previous class focused on prayers of lament, we now turn our attention to Psalms of praise. Through whatever God brings us, at the end of the day, there is always a reason to praise God. Have you ever sat down and praised God for redeeming Israel out of Egypt? Although this isn’t an event that we witnessed, it was a critical event in history that affected God’s plan for us. Or what about how He has delivered us through Jesus? There is SO much to praise God for – the big and the small– and it is fundamental to our discipleship to let a spirit of praise permeate our mindset.

The Psalms show us that we must praise God deliberately, not just incidentally. We need to make time for it! Notice we aren’t given the sheet music to the Psalms – but we are given the sentiments, passion and words. Although we should praise God with intention and skill, what is in our heart is of most importance. When we praise God intentionally it will help elevate our thoughts and ultimately keep us focused on God’s plan for this earth.

Bro. Tim suggests a little “homework assignment” to make time to write out a prayer of praise. This will allow it to become more real to you and also help you identity how you view praise to God and perhaps if you need to work on that!

– Thoughts taken from the “Closer to God” Class 3 by Bro. Tim Badger on www.livoniatapes.com

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