The Whole Armor of God – Book Review

{Thank you to Lindsay B. for this week’s book review!}

The Whole Armor of God (by R. Mutter) is set during the reign of King Jotham when many in Israel forsook the ways of Yahweh. This delightful novel follows Malchiah, a young adventurous Rechabite, who is part of a remnant of the faithful. This well written book not only overflows with spiritual lessons but also has information woven throughout on the Biblical time period, leaving the reader more informed for the reading of it. Children will be amused as he learns the consequence of squishing a bug, cheer him on as he practices battle tactics on his older brother Eliashib and follow him as he tentatively steps out of childhood to take on responsibility by the close of the book. Our family has loved reading this book aloud with all ages from 5-15 (and parents) enjoying our evenings spent with young Malchiah.  This book is a sure favorite, pulled off of the shelf to be enjoyed over and over again.

You can find a copy of The Whole Armor of God from the following sources:

The Detroit Book Supply: (USA)

Thousand Oak Library: (USA)

The Tidings Book Supply:

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