Life Size Review Game Board

This is a great way to make reviewing lessons fun!   The game board is made from a “picnic” tablecloth, and the spaces are drawn on with permanent marker.  We found the dice at a “Dollar Store,” but they are also available on Amazon and Oriental trading (or could easily be recreated with a foam square).  Instructions related to your lesson can be written on the spaces (E.g. “Jesus says ‘Follow Me.’ Go forward one space,” “Peter begins to sink – go back one space,” “Act it out: Peter cuts of Malchus’ ear” etc).  You will also need a list of review questions.

  1. Have one player from each team stand on START.
  2. Team one player is asked a review question from the teacher.  If answered correctly, roll the dice and move forward that number of spaces.  Follow the instructions on your space.
  3. Team two player repeats this process.
  4. Substitute a new player for both teams, and repeat until one team reaches the finish line.


Magnify Him Together
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