Cornelia’s Story – Book Review

“I am Cornelia.  Welcome to my house.  I live in the city of Caesarea…”

So begins the journey with “Cornelia,” exploring what life would have been like for first century believers.  She describes in “first hand” detail a memorial meeting, a baptism, a birth, a marriage and a death.  She also shares what the culture of idolatry entailed, and some of the terrible events of history that unfolded during those times.  It provides a lot of food for thought regarding how our practices are similar and different to their origins.

The book is a pleasurable cross between story and historical information.  While a young adult might find the book full of facts and details that would move it slightly out of the realm of a “for fun” read, yet following Cornelia through first century life makes the book more appealing than simply reading facts from historical resources.  It is worth having this book on your shelf as a great asset for studying the life and times of the first century.

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