Bible Scavenger Hunt

Bible Scavenger Hunts can be a great way to include all ages in an ecclesial family night. This scavenger hunt was created to be played at an ecclesial hall, but can be modified to be played at a house or even a park!

Rather than collecting items, you will be taking photos of the item using specific people from your team in each photo.

  • Print off enough scavenger hunt sheets for all the teams.
  • Divide the group into smaller teams – preferably with 6-10 people of different genders and ages.
  • Confirm each team has a camera to take photos and have a Bible ready to look up clues.
  • Once the time has started the teams look up the Bible verses to find the item they need to take a photo of.
  • Once they find the item, there is an instruction of which person in the group needs to have their photo taken with the item. This is to try to include all the members of the team.
  • Set a time limit before coming back to share photos and go over the answers.
  • Have fun!

          This scavenger hunt could also be modified to be done walking around the town of your ecclesial hall or even done using a car to drive to different locations!

For the afternoon activity at a recent study day we took a walk around the town our ecclesial hall was located in. The verses took us to places like the fire hall, wool shop, police station etc. It was a very fun way to get all ages involved.

This is a word document of the scavenger hunt printable for teams.

This is a word document of the scavenger hunt answer sheet.

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