His Heart is Steadfast- Responding to God

{Thank you to Kristen S. for the Closer to God summaries!}

This class focuses on Psalms 111 & 112, which are very instructional about how to live out the will of God in our lives. The previous class focused on Psalms of Praise, but these Psalms are examples of praising God in the way we live, reflecting His character through our actions. Psalm 111 goes through the works of God and what He has done for us (deliverance from Egypt) while Psalm 112 shows us what we are to do in response to God’s deliverance.

In Philippians 2:12 we are told to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”. We are to out work our salvation… showing it and reflecting it in our lives for all to see. This also applies to showing our distaste and hatred towards evil. We have been given redemption through Christ, and in return we must show it like we believe it in our lives. Psalms 111-112 are a perfect example of what it means to live in response to what God has done for us – and let us take encouragement from these words.

– Thoughts taken from the “Closer to God” Class 4 by Bro. Tim Badger on www.livoniatapes.com

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