Top 10 Decoration Ideas for your SS Room (CSSSA Stage 1)

{Thanks to Sarah W. for these ideas in this post!}

Do you need some help and inspiration with different ways to decorate your Sunday School room?  We have put together the top 10 decoration ideas for those who are commencing Stage 1 of the CSSA notes … with a focus on creation.

Some of the ideas could also be used as a craft to accompany your lesson … and could even be adapted for other lessons throughout the Bible.


Window Silhouette of Birds

  • Download a bird image to use as a stencil.  The birds in the picture were created from this image.
  • Trace image onto black card and cut out.
  • Use tiny bits of double sided tape to secure to window. (Note:  you don’t want the tape to be noticed on the other side of the window.  It can be a decoration for both sides of the window!)

Flower Garden

  • Follow this tutorial to make blue flowers or orange/purple/green flowers
  • Follow this tutorial to make the purple and white flowers
  • The white daisies are similar to the purple and white flowers, just smaller, more folds, thinner petals and only one layer.
  • Cut leaves and grass out of green paper / cardstock.
  • Assemble your blooming garden on a wall.

Giraffe Door

Idea source

  • Cover door with a yellow plastic (disposable) tablecloth.
  • Cut out giraffe brown markings using brown glitter card/foam.
  • To make the head, draw a large giraffe head on cardboard. Cover the head with leftover yellow plastic tablecloth and use black, white and brown card / foam to finish off the face.

School of Fish

Idea source  (includes free printable template)

  • The key for this one is to find lots of helpful friends… give them all a copy of the fish template and some card to cut out J
  • This is a perfect craft to use up those scraps of card or old folders laying around!
  • Attach the fish in some kind of pattern to the wall / ceiling with blu tac (or double sided tape). Tip:  overlap the fish a little – it looks better than leaving spaces between them.
  • Note: this could also be done with other animals, ie. flock of birds.


Idea source

  • Follow this tutorial for making pom poms (you can use different colours in your pom pom).
  • Make a tree trunk out of brown paper.
  • Use fishing wire and hooks to hang the pom poms.

Moon and Stars

  • For this decoration, the stars were bought – but you could cut them out of cardstock.
  • Cut moon out of white glitter card.
  • Tie pieces of fishing line around a hoop and pull together at the top and tie. This is how it is hung from a hook.
  • Cut a circle of black cardstock (or material) the same size as the hoop and glue to the bottom of the hoop (this is the night sky).
  • Attach the stars around the outside of the hoop with fishing line. You will need to put small holes in the black cardstock / material so you can tie the fishing line onto the hoop.
  • Attach a long piece of fishing line to the very top and bring it through the centre of the black cardstock / material. This is to hang the moon on.


Rainbow (Noah’s Ark)

Idea source

  • Clouds – white paper lanterns (2 different sizes) covered in white quilting stuffing.
  • Rain drops – cut rain drops out of blue glitter card and plain blue card.
  • Attach the clouds and rain drops to a stick (or old broom handle) with fishing line.
  • Rainbow – you could either use lengths of material or plastic tablecloths. Sew the 7 lengths of fabric together.  Fold over the top and sew a pocket wide enough to fit a curtain rod through.
  • Hang the rainbow up behind the cloud and rain drops.

Benjamin’s Sack

Items needed:

  • Sack – if you don’t have one laying around, you could possibly get one from your local fruit and vegetable shop!
  • Sack filling – plastic shopping bags. Don’t fill it quite to the top – leave room so the top can fall forward a little (like in the photo)
  • Popping corn – lots!! Glue the corn on in layers with a hot glue gun!  You might want to coat the corn in glue as well so no creatures try to eat it J
  • Plastic money
  • Silver cup – you could buy a cup from a dollar store and spray paint it silver and cover with glitter before it dries. (Note:  when painting on plastic, you may need to use a primer first, or get a silver spray paint with primer in it.  This is so the paint sticks to the plastic.)

To hang the sack on the wall, thread very thick fishing line through the back of the sack and create a loop.  Hang the loop over a couple of nails in the wall.

Baby Moses

Items needed:

  • Doll.
  • Basket – made of two fibrous layers that go in hanging pots.
  • Background – blue fabric or bristol board, with reeds and bulrushes cut out of felt or cardstock.

Burning Bush

Items needed:

  • Dead branch that has lots of branches coming out to create a ‘bush’ shape.
  • Leaves cut out of different shades of green cardstock. Staple leaves together in groups of 3, fanned out from each other.  Punch a hole in the tip.
  • Hang all the leaves onto the branch to create a bush.
  • Background flames – use orange, yellow and red Bristol board to cut out flames. Glue them altogether.  (Note:  you can also make “flame lanterns” to attach along the branches like in the example photo.)
  • Attach the flames to the wall and mount the branch and leaves in front of it.
  • Sandals – attach near the base of the tree!


If you have other ideas of how to make your classroom more interesting, we would love to hear from you!  Click here to see our Top 10 Deocration Ideas for Stage 2.

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