Lunchbox Bible Notes

This week is back to school week for many children in North America (some of our southern friends have already been back for a week or so!)  We thought it would be fun to put together some lunchbox Bible notes to slip into your child’s lunchbox … to give them some helpful reminders throughout the day.  Even if your children are homeschooled, why not print them out and put them under their plate for lunch? 🙂

The cards could also be used to put in a treat bag at a child’s birthday party or Sunday School revision week … they could be taped to the mirror for your children to read while they brush their teeth … or put on a child’s pillow at night!

Some of the notes include a straight bible verse … others have an encouraging note to go along with the verse (just in case your child needs it on a particular day!)  And there is one note that has a simple reminder to “wash your hands and say your prayers!”

You could even personalise the notes on the back … nothing beats a little handwritten note from Dad or Mum!

Click here to download the cards.

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