Lamb of God Review

“Lamb of God” is a musical portrayal of the final days of the life of Jesus Christ, from the foreshadowing raising of Lazarus, to the devastating arrest and crucifixion of Jesus, and finally to his glorious resurrection. The story is told through the perspective of those who loved and walked with him: Peter, John, Thomas, Mary and Martha of Bethany, Mary Magdalene and His Mother Mary.

Although this album is not written by Christadelphians, it remains true to the scriptural narrative and it has been sung by multiple Christadelphian choirs with minor changes. As far as we can tell, only two songs have incorrect doctrine in the lyrics:

Song 1:  I Cannot Watch Them “The lies they spin with Satan’s yarns”

Song 2:  Jesus, My Savior “What greater debt, than mine to owe?”

Both adults and children find the music and words very moving, I know for our family it really brought to life those chapters in the gospel, and it is incredible to see our young children already knowing the words that are coming next in the reading.

For more information about Lamb of God, to listen to the music and to order the album, click here.

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