Favorite Children’s Bibles – Round Up Request

If you’ve searched for a Children’s Bible, you have probably found that there are myriads to choose from.  On top of trying to figure out whether the illustrations are inviting and the wording is age appropriate for your child, we also are looking for Bibles that stick accurately to the record, don’t contain unBiblical doctrine and illustrations!

We would like to post a “round up” in the near future of recommended Children Bibles – to help parents and teachers easily navigate the pool of Children’s Bibles.

To try to make sure we’re thorough in our “round up,”  we would love to hear from you!  Do you have a Children’s Bible that you particularly like?  We would be very thankful if you could take a minute to email us and tell us the title and why you like that one in particular.  Thank you in advance!

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