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Arch® Books – they’ve been around forever, and continue to be part of many Bible book collections.  The first books came out in 1959 and over the past fifty-plus years there have been nearly 400 unique Arch book titles printed.  Currently there are 130 titles in print.  Until 2017, six to eight new titles were released yearly, but as of 2018, due to decreased demand there has been a hold placed on new titles and the current books are to remain in print indefinitely.  These inexpensive books cover a wide range of Bible stories and are great for use at home and for Sunday School and children’s Bible classes.

The intent of this series of posts is to review the 130 titles that are currently in print from a Christadelphian standard so you know the contents of the book before you order.  Often books may only have a reference or two that can be talked about or modified, but some of the books are good to go, and some are so full of non-Biblical content that you may choose to pass over that particular title.

Please note that none of the arch books stick word for word to the Bible text, but the intent of the review is only to point out obvious contradictions and doctrinal errors.  Also the review doesn’t include any errors found in the “Dear Parent” section.

Where Did the World Come From?Where Did the World Come From

review coming soon when the book arrives, God willing!


The Story of Creation - Arch BooksThe Story of Creation

This story goes through each of the days of Creation.  Sample: Right from the start of our world God was there -/ Even before it began./

When He created the planets and stars,/ He had a marvelous plan.  Recommended.


Falling Into Sin (Arch Books)Falling into Sin

review coming soon when the book arrives, God willing!


Cain and Abel - Arch BooksCain and Abel

This story begins by giving the background of Adam and Eve’s sin, then proceeds to tell the story of Cain and Abel.  Please be aware of the final two stanzas: Because Jesus, our Saviour,/Put sin in its place./ He crushed Satan’s head, And we now live in grace.  We’re marked with Christ’s cross/Christ’s victory is won!/Thank you, dear Jesus, For all that You’ve done.


The Tower of Babel (Arch Books)The Tower of Babel

review coming soon when the book arrives, God willing!


A Man Named Noah - Arch Book (Arch Books)A Man Named Noah

Please by aware of the following contents: Then God said, “My son, your work’s nearly done./ Your humongous ark is strong./ Now search trees and lairs for thousands of pairs/ Of creatures to bring along.” (God brought the animals to Noah, he didn’t have to search for them).  God promised then that never again/Would He flood the entire earth./  Now our faith we base on baptismal grace,/ And the gift of Jesus’ birth.  Our water comes down from a Christ-based crown.  God’s love makes us remark, “Since you Say so, Lord, we’ll trust You, Lord, Like Noah who built the ark.” 


Noah's 2-by-2 Adventure - Arch BooksNoah’s 2 by 2 Adventure

Sample:  BUMP!  Scr-r-ape! Jolt!  The vessel/Rested safe on a mountaintop./Faithful God had saved them./ He had found this place to stop.  Recommended


Abraham, Sarah, & Isaac (Arch Books)Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac

Sample: Long ago in a distant land/There lived a righteous man./He had great faith in God the Lord./He knew God had a plan. Recommended.

Please note that both this book and the following book on Abraham cover basically the same story (starting with the promises, to Isaac’s birth, and then Abraham’s test).


Abraham's Big Test - Arch BooksAbraham’s Big Test

Sample: “Look to the heavens and tell Me,/ How many stars are up in the sky?/That’s how many descendants you will have/ As generations pass you by.”  Recommended.


Isaac Blesses Jacob and Esau (Arch Book) (Arch Books)Isaac Blesses Jacob and Esau

Sample: There once were twin brothers who were not the same./ The older twin, Esau, loved hunting wild game./ He’s known for his odor and bodily hair./ Twin Jacob smelled better and was fairly bare.  Recommended.


Jacob's Dream - Arch BooksJacob’s Dream

Please be aware of the following contents: angels with wings both on the cover and in the book.  The final page of the book has Jesus emerging from the tomb with three crosses in the background.  The words are: We might wish that we could climb stairs/ Straight up to heaven above./But Jesus is our way to heaven./He died for us out of love.  And when we need help we can ask-/Angels still travel those stairs./God sends them to serve and to guide,/Helping Him answer our prayers.


Joseph, Jacob's Favorite Son - Arch Book by Eric Bohnet (2010-07-01)Joseph, Jacob’s Favorite Son

Please be aware of the following contents: “He gave me a terrific coat,/So colorful and bright,/With red and yellow, purple too./ It was a pretty sight.  And last page: “Just like my brothers, we sin too,/ And need to be forgiven./ It’s for our sins Christ Jesus died,/ So that we may enter heaven.


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