Exodus through Deuteronomy Arch Books – Review

This is the second post in our series of Arch book reviews.

The intent of this series of posts is to review the 130 titles that are currently in print from a Christadelphian standard so you know the contents of the book before you order.  Often books may only have a reference or two that can be talked about or modified, but some of the books are good to go, and some are so full of non-Biblical content that you may choose to pass over that particular title.

Please note that none of the arch books stick word for word to the Bible text, but the intent of the review is only to point out obvious contradictions and doctrinal errors.  Also the review doesn’t include any errors found in the “Dear Parent” section.

Tiny Baby Moses - Arch Books

Please be aware of this stanza: God placed these friends in Moses’ life,/When he needed them the most-/Protection came from God above:/Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  (The “friends” are referring to Pharaoh’s daughter and her servant.)

The Ten Plagues - Arch Books

Sample:  God sent flies to pester Egypt./ Pharaoh said the slaves could depart,/ But once the plague was lifted,/Pharaoh had a change of heart.  Recommended


Moses' Dry Feet - Arch BooksSample: I stretched my hand toward the sea./ A miracle was coming./The sea was split by God’s east wind./ The path was dry by morning. (The story is told from Moses’ perspective).  Recommended.


Please be aware of the last stanza: God led His people to a place/ Where He knew they’d be free./  He’ll lead us to our home in heav’n/ Salvation! Victory!

The Ten Commandments (Arch Books)

Please be aware of the following contents: God sent His Son to take our place/And keep the Law each day.  When Jesus died and rose again,/ He took our sins away.  The Holy Spirit comes to us/ And makes us realize/ God’s Law can guide our lives so that/ We’re loving, kind, and wise.  For the third commandment there is a picture of a priest at church: At church, at home, at Sunday school,/ You hear My holy Word,/Receive forgiveness in My gifts/ And message you have heard.  The book tries to make the commandments applicable for children.  While some thoughts are practical for this age group some of the “applications” seem to be a stretch (see above for commandment 3 example).

Moses and the Bronze Snake - Arch Book

Please be aware of the following contents – towards the end of the book there is a photo of adults and children who are “whining and grumbling” like the Israelites, and in that photo is a stained glass church with a priest and a couple of crosses.



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