Joshua through David Arch Books – Review

This is the third post in our series of Arch book reviews.

The intent of this series of posts is to review the 130 titles that are currently in print from a Christadelphian standard so you know the contents of the book before you order.  Often books may only have a reference or two that can be talked about or modified, but some of the books are good to go, and some are so full of non-Biblical content that you may choose to pass over that particular title.

Please note that none of the arch books stick word for word to the Bible text, but the intent of the review is only to point out obvious contradictions and doctrinal errors.  Also the review doesn’t include any errors found in the “Dear Parent” section.


Joshua and the Fall of Jericho Arch Books (Arch Books (Paperback))

Sample:  They marched around seven times, and with the trumpet blast/ And great big shouts from Israel, the giant walls collapsed!/ Rumble! Rumble! Crash! Crash!  The walls could not withstand/ Israel’s obedience and God’s mighty hand.  Recommended


Jericho's Tumbling Walls - Arch Books

Sample:  “Now BLAST your horns!  All people SHOUT!”/  Roared Joshua to this crowd./  With all their breath, priests blew their horns,/ and folks yelled long and loud.  Recommended

Please note that there are two Arch books on the fall of Jericho.  The first one includes the story of Rahab, but not the crossing of the Jordan.  This second one includes the crossing of the Jordan, but not the story of Rahab.  The rhymes in the second book are a little bit shorter and maybe more kid friendly.


Deborah Saves the Day - Arch Books

Sample: While Sisera was on the run/ From Deborah and her quest,/ He stopped to hide in Jael’s tent/ Because he needed rest. Recommended.


God Provides Victory through Gideon - Arch Books

Sample: And then God told him, “Send those home/ Who say they are afraid.”/ Though thousands left, too many stayed; Their minds could not be swayed.  Recommended.


Samson, Strong and Faithful (Arch Books) (Arch Books (Paperback))

Sample: Then Samson prayed, “Please hear me, Lord./ Renew my strength again./  So I can show these Philistines/ My God will always win!”  Recommended.


Ruth and Naomi - Arch Books

Sample: “Wherever you go, I’ll go too,/. And where you stay, I’ll stay/ Your people will belong to me,/ And to your God I’ll pray.”  Recommended.


A Mother Who Prayed (Arch Books)

Sample: “Almighty, please remember me./  With a son, now please bless Your servant./  I vow to give him back to You/ Because to me he is merely lent.”  Please be aware of the following contents:  The last page of the book is a picture of families sitting in pews in church facing a cross and two lamps on a table.


The Lord Calls Samuel - Arch Books

Review coming soon!


One Boy, One Stone, One God (Arch Books)

Sample: So David went down to the stream./ He dug down in the sand./  And, one by one, he found five stones./ He clenched them in his hand.  Recommended.

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