Board Game – Creation to Wilderness Wanderings

Thanks to Sarah W. and Sally S. for putting this great review game together.

This game focuses on the CSSA Stage 1 lessons (Creation through to the Wilderness Wanderings).  There are instructions for how to play the game included in the first PDF file below.  Sarah has also put together Primary review cards for each lesson.  These cards can be used as a reference in the game or separately as a review exercise for your students.  This is a great resource to have!

Please note:  Some of the instructions on the squares of the game have questions relating to lessons that we haven’t covered yet.  You could either ignore these questions if a student lands on this square, or you could make your own question up that relates to a lesson you have covered.

Board Game and Instructions

Click here to download the instructions and board game.  The board game prints over 4 sheets of paper and they line up to make a large board game.  Just trim them a little and attach to a large sheet of bristol board like this example below.

Question Cards (Primary and Junior)

Click here to download the Primary questions that go with the game.  They are the questions from the CSSA Primary Stage 1 lesson book.


Click here to download the Junior questions that go with the game.  They are the short answer questions from the CSSA Junior Stage 1 lesson book.  (Thanks to Sue W. for putting these together.)

Both of the question documents include questions for all 25 lessons.  You could print the whole file now and just use the question cards for the lessons you have already done.  Alternatively you could just print the first few pages for the lessons you have covered so far.  Each review week, you can add more questions to the game until you have all 25 lessons!

Review Cards (Primary)

Click here to download the review cards.  The review cards are for the Primary age group.

The review cards are best printed two to a page or as a booklet.  To print them two to a page, select the “multiple” option in the print dialogue box of Adobe Reader, then select two pages per sheet.  To print the document as a booklet, select the “booklet” option.

Have fun playing the game!  If you have any feedback on the game, or find any typos or errors, we would love to hear from you.

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