Kings and Exiles Arch Books – Review

This is the fourth post in our series of Arch book reviews.

The intent of this series of posts is to review the 130 titles that are currently in print from a Christadelphian standard so you know the contents of the book before you order.  Often books may only have a reference or two that can be talked about or modified, but some of the books are good to go, and some are so full of non-Biblical content that you may choose to pass over that particular title.

Please note that none of the arch books stick word for word to the Bible text, but the intent of the review is only to point out obvious contradictions and doctrinal errors.  Also the review doesn’t include any errors found in the “Dear Parent” section.


Please be aware the following stanza: In the courtyards outside sat the altar/ Where the priests would sacrifice/ For the sins that people committed-/ Someday Jesus would pay that price.


Sample: “Just as the Lord sent the ravens/ To feed me night and day,/ The Lord will send you oil and flour,/ So cast your worries away.”  Recommended.


Sample: The priests began to pray to Baal./ They yelled and beat the air./ They jumped and danced till it was noon/ And offered Baal their prayer. Recommended.


Sample: The king of Aram sent him where/ He hoped he could persuade/ The king of Israel to dare/ To come to Naaman’s aid. Recommended.


Please be aware of the following contents: The God who saved those lives that day/ Still guides us as we work and play./ And best of all, we are God’s own/ Through Christ, we have a heavenly home. 


Please be aware of the following contents: the illustration of the angel over the host of Sennacherib has wings.  Also please note the following stanza: And when your life is over here,/ There still is nothing you need fear:/ Angels will bring you to that place/ Where you will see Him face to face.


Sample: When they had all gathered,/ Josiah began to read/ All the words of God’s to follow/ In thought and word and deed.  Recommended.


Coming soon!


Please be aware of the following stanzas: Satan used Job’s good friends,/ Sure, at first they were kind./ Then they opened their mouths/ And gave a piece of their mind.  And, a page later: Job’s friends then got scared,/ So Job prayed for them real quick./ Satan knew he had lost; He’d used up his last trick.


Please be aware of the following stanza: Through all your life, He is with you./ And when at last this life is through,/ You’ll dwell with Him in heav’n above/ Forever with the Shepherd’s love.

Also please be aware of the illustration of Jesus on a page that refers to God as the shepherd.


Please be aware of the concluding stanza: So all men and women, breathe in the life/ That’s sent by God’s Spirit on high.  On Pentecost Day, let praises be rife/ So all to God’s grace may draw nigh.

Please be aware of the following contents: “Look, I see four men walking around/ Unharmed in the midst of the flame./ The fourth one looks like the Son of God!/ Could this be His Angel that came?”  Also: And what have you learned from these three brave men?/ When trouble surrounds you like fire,/ Trust that Lord Jesus steps into the flames,/ Although they leap higher and higher.  He walked in the fire,/ He died on the cross,/ And then rose to life once again./ He’ll faithfully lead through all your trials,/ Just as He did for these men.

Please be aware of the following contents: one illustration includes an angel with wings.

This book tells the story of Daniel from the lion’s perspective: “Well, Daniel knew it wasn’t right/ He knew this law was done from spite./ He kept on praying anyway/ To the true God, three times a day.”


Please be aware of the final stanza (along with an illustration of three crosses):The lesson from this is that you/ Can praise the one God who is true!/ That same God sent a Saviour, who/ Has opened heav’n for me and you.

Sample: Jonah sat there in its belly/ For three nights and days,/ Begging God for help. “He’ll save me./ Then I’ll give him praise.”  Recommended.

Please be aware of the last stanza: We need the Lord’s forgiveness too./ And it is there for me and you./ We, too, repent for sins we’ve done,/ For Jesus paid for every one.

Please note that while “Jonah and the Very BIG Fish” doesn’t contain non-Biblical doctrine, the stanzas do not flow as well and there are more details from the story included in “Jonah The Runaway Prophet,” and might be the preferred book depending on your needs.

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