“God is….” 2019 Calendar

We know that God is a Spirit and that He is all-powerful, all-knowing, and eternal, and these are characteristics that are beyond our capability to imitate. However, so many of the attributes of God can be ideally true (although imperfectly in comparison) of people. There are times when He works miracles, but so often He works by influencing willing people and changing their behaviour by His Word.

What I would like to encourage you to think about is, “How can I be like this in my own life? Are there other verses I can think of that specifically give more instruction to us on how to display this aspect in my life? Have there been times when I have seen this particular aspect of God shown to me by another person? If an attribute is only true of God, why is it important?”

Each month of the calendar focuses on a different characteristic (or characteristics) of God.

Each day within the month has a verse to write out by hand that aligns with that month’s characteristic. This does help by slowing us down and making us think a bit harder.

Use the reflection day to consider what you may need to change or continue doing to become a better imitator of our Heavenly Father. I have included a verse to reflect on that is more directed to ourselves.

– Julie S.

The calendar is $26 CDN (with $7.99 shipping) although there is currently a 50% promotion at Vista Print!

For instructions on ordering the calendar (and cards are also available!), please visit: https://fivesojourners.wordpress.com/calendar-and-cards/  (The site is password protected.  The password is the name of the book of the Bible that describes the rebuilding of the second temple.  Please use ALL CAPS.)

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