New Testament Arch Books – Review

This is the last post in our series of Arch book reviews.  The following is not a list of all the New Testament arch books, but we hope to slowly add to the list as we finish collecting the books!

The intent of this series of posts is to review the 130 titles that are currently in print from a Christadelphian standard so you know the contents of the book before you order.  Often books may only have a reference or two that can be talked about or modified, but some of the books are good to go, and some are so full of non-Biblical content that you may choose to pass over that particular title.

Please note that none of the arch books stick word for word to the Bible text, but the intent of the review is only to point out obvious contradictions and doctrinal errors.  Also the review doesn’t include any errors found in the “Dear Parent” section.

Please be aware of the following contents: (on a page illustrating angels with wings) The Lord will give power to us when we’re tempted./ He’s there when the devil comes calling./ We’ll speak from God’s Word as Christ did to Satan./ Christ beat him; God keeps us from falling.  The illustration of the devil is also questionable.


Sample: Heroes of the Bible, true-/ The Christian Church began with few./ The Gospel then was boldly shared- All thanks to these first men who dared!


Please be aware of the following contents: “But when God’s Word lands on good earth,/ His Holy Spirit will give birth/ To faith that grows a hundred fold-/ To faith that is both strong and bold.


Sample: “Don’t be distracted by the things/ That to the world are a bother./ Don’t worry or be troubled./ Just hear the Word of My Father.”  Recommended.


Please be aware of the following contents:  Referring to Christ – Now if you really knew He was/ The Lord to whom you pray,/ I’m sure you’d thank Him for the things/ He gives to you every day.


Sample: “Where is this living water?/ Who are You?  Please do tell./ Are you greater than Jacob, The one who dug this well? Recommended.


Please be aware of the following contents: But that was not all the disciples saw./ From heaven appeared two men who/ Had come to show Jesus kept all of God’s Law/ And made words of the Prophets come true.  Also: They realized that one glimpse of glory,/ When they saw Jesus’ bright, shining face,/ As He stood with Elijah and Moses,/ Was of heaven just a small taste.  Also a page of a priest at church with a cross and candles: We haven’t seen Jesus like they did/ Or heard God’s voice in a cloud./ But still we all taste God’s goodness/ And sing hymns with the heavenly crowd. 


Sample: All ten of us healed.  Nine ran to the priests,/ But first I sought Him who cared for the least./ I sang, “Praise the Lord who forgives us and heals.”/ I thanked Jesus loudly as I dropped down to kneel. Recommended.


Please be aware that “church” is frequently used throughout the book.  Sample stanza: And then a widow lady came/ With copper coins, just two./ She dropped them in – that’s all she had,/ For she was poor, ’twas true.


Please be aware of the following contents: (on a page with an illustration of a cross) – Not long after this, Jesus hung on the cross/ And died to forgive all our sin./ The third day Christ rose, like Lazarus had, / So to heaven we may rise like Him.


Sample: As Jesus neared the city gate,/ He paused and asked His friends to wait./ He looked at them, then said to two,/ “I have a job for you… and you. Recommended.


Sample: For clothed with a towel around His waist,/ He was taking the servant’s part./ Jesus was teaching His friends that night/ How to serve with a humble heart. Recommended.


Please be aware of the following contents: When Jesus was with us on earth long ago,/ He suffered and died in our place./ The story is sad but important because/ It speaks to the whole human race.  Also: The other said, “What? Don’t you even fear God?/ We’re guilty, but He is not so.”/ He said to the Lord, “Please remember me when/ Up to Your great kingdom You go.”  Then Jesus said, “Yes, you will be with Me there,”/ As darkness came over the sky./ It lasted three hours while our sins fell upon Him./  The people could not explain why.


Sample: “Oh, why are you weeping, dear woman?” they asked./ She answered, “I need to know where/ They took my Lord’s body; it’s gone from its place.” Then turning, she saw Jesus there. Recommended.


Please be aware of the following stanzas: Now he told everyone, “It’s true/ That Jesus lived and died for you.”/ “He paid for all your sins,” he said./ “And He is risen from the dead.”  And, Paul preached to Jews and Gentiles too./ He said, “The Savior came for you./ He died to pay for all your sin/ And on the third day rose again.”

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