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Song -
A Wife for Isaac

Thank you to Rosey Gore for organizing these SS songs!


Memory Verse Sheet

Please refer to this post that explains the memory verse activity for Primary Stage 1.

Click here to download the memory verses for Lessons 7 to 12.

Click here to download the first six memory verses.

Practical Challenge

Thank you to Kate Badger for these practical challenges!

Thank you to Lydia Osborn for designing the cards!

Lapbook Craft

Thank you to Linda Wilton!

(Please refer to this post for details on the lapbook project.)

There are two activities for the lapbook this week … a maze which helps Eliezer find his way to Haran, and a crossword puzzle about finding a wife for Isaac.

Click here to download the PDF of the two flaps.  There are instructions for printing and folding the flaps in the PDF document.

Homework Sheet

Thank you to Linda Wilton!

Coloring Sheet

Thank you to Emily R!

Other Website Resources.

FreeBibleImages Powerpoint has illustrations that can be downloaded and used to tell the story.   Follow this link:

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