Song and Praise Evening

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We know the importance of praising our Heavenly Father, as the book of Psalms so often illustrates; we know the vital importance of prayer and the life-changing effect it can have on us; we know the value of meditation and reflection on the Word of God, and the strength it gives us to overcome sin in our lives.  Combining all of these aspects of our discipleship in an evening of song, praise, prayer and reflection can be an extremely beneficial and encouraging activity for an ecclesia to participate in.

A song and praise evening could be included as part of a Ecclesial family day or it could be held as a separate evening on its own.

Below are a number of song and praise nights that have been done at various ecclesias.

This evening focuses on the Hope of Israel … the purpose of God with the earth and our hope of salvation.  There is a narration that links together a number of hymns relating to Israel and the new Jerusalem in the future age.

This evening is a selection of Bible verses, poems, hymns and spiritual songs … all on the theme of prayer.  It particularly focuses on these five sections:

  1.  Lord, teach us to pray
  2.  Prayers in personal trials and for others
  3.  Prayers for forgiveness
  4.  Thanksgiving for our hope in Christ
  5.  Supplication for the coming Kingdom

This evening is a selection of Bible verses, quotes from Bro. Dennis Gillett’s book “The Genius of Discipleship”, poems, hymns and spiritual songs … all on the theme of peace.  It particularly focuses on these five sections:

  1.  The peace of God
  2.  Peace in daily life
  3.  Peace in creation
  4.  Peace in prayer
  5.  Peace in the future

This evening focuses on Thanksgiving … for our current blessings and the hope of the coming Kingdom.  There are a selection of bible verses, hymns, prayers and spiritual songs that make up this evening.

  • Introduction and narration (PDF) or (Word)



The following three programs were done as mid-week ecclesial activities.  The program handouts below show the main themes for the night and a list of hymns to go along with the theme.  A list of bible verses or short narration could be added in between each hymn.

  1. The Life of Christ – A Meditation Through Song … (PDF) or (Word)
  2. The Man David … (PDF) or (Word)
  3. The Coming of the Kingdom – A Vision Through Song … (PDF) or (Word)

Hot Chocolate Hymn Sing

Thank you to Joanna G. for the Hot Chocolate Hymn Sing information.

  • A month before the evening, put up a sheet for the Ecclesia to suggest hymns – Hymn Suggestions Sheet – editable Word docx.

  • This is an editable flyer for the evening – Flyer – editable Word docx.
  • Have a series of 10-12 hymns taken from the suggestion sheet.

  • Between each hymn have a different brother read a short section of scripture that connects to the hymn about to be sung.

  • During the course of the evening members can enjoy hot drinks and potluck refreshments provided at the back of the room.

  • On a table near the refreshments have cards for members in the area who are sick/not coming out/in need of encouragement. Members can sign the cards during the evening and the cards can be sent out after the evening.

  • Also near the refreshments table a prayer request sheet can be put up. An announcement can be made at the beginning of the evening and members can fill it in during the evening. One or two hymns from the end the brother closing in prayer will take the paper and mention all those written on the list: Prayer Requests Sign up – editable Word docx.

  • Decorations – white tablecloths with mini cut out music notes spread along the tables. Mason jars filled with stones and battery operated tea lights/tea light candles, as centerpieces. Brown paper scrolls with Bible verses about singing praises to God on the walls.

  • A schedule for the evening including all the hymns and readings is provided for all members. (Schedule – editable Word docx)

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