Sunday School Play Night : Hosting a Themed Dinner

Sunday School play nights and prize giving are real highlights throughout the year for Sunday School students. Creating a themed meal helps make the time extra memorable while bringing the Biblical stories to life.

Whether you have a large Sunday School and an ecclesial hall or a handful of kids in a rented building these ideas (and many more!) can be adapted to make it special. We know one ecclesia that hosted a theme night like this in a brother and sister’s garage!

Garden of Eden


Abraham’s Tent


Wedding at Cana 1


Wedding at Cana 2


Paul’s Shipwreck (could be used for Jonah as well)


If you have done any Biblical themed dinners at your ecclesia, we would love to include photos and ideas on our website. Please send us a message to us from our Contact Us page to find out how you can share resources. 

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