Updates and themes for 2019

Dear Reader:

Welcome to 2019!

In the New Year, we hope to continue with our Sunday School series on Thursdays and Bible Verse Art on Fridays.

We plan to continue sharing home resources and ecclesial resources for children and sisters.  At the beginning of each month on Wednesdays, we will follow the theme of Spiritual Goals and also share a monthly Verse Writing Plan.  Wednesdays will also include personal/home resources for sisters and children.  Tuesday will generally be resources that are useful in the ecclesial setting (including Bible School teaching resources as the summer draws closer).

Stay tuned for exciting new resources on Mondays, God willing, beginning in February!

As always, please email us with any ideas, thoughts, and resources.  We love to hear from you!

We pray that all of our plans are interrupted by our Master’s return!  Until then may God be with you as we strive together to magnify Him in all our ways.

Magnify Him Together
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