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An ecclesial newsletter, in the simplest description, is a way to keep everyone up to date on the upcoming ecclesial events and activities. But it can also be a fun way to bring the members of your ecclesia together, young and old alike! There is something about a newsletter in which everyone can find encouragement and enjoyment. It also sheds light on areas that are in need of help and attention.

What makes up a newsletter?  There are lots of items that can be included in a newsletter, some examples are listed below:

– events for the upcoming month/week depending on the frequency of the newsletter (ie: bible class, seminar, CYC, sister’s class, study days, Sunday School outings, showers, Family Nights, etc.)

– meditation/devotion/article

current event

wrested scripture/bible study

– prayer list

– birthdays/anniversaries/spiritual birthdays

– bible readings quiz

– monthly/weekly memory verse

– puzzle

– children’s coloring page

– goal setting

– news, with a photo perhaps (local baptisms, weddings, births, etc.)

– interview of an ecclesial member

– recipe from ecclesial members

– commandments of Christ

– hymn quiz

– history events and the Bible

– photos from events (local youth weekends, a Sunday school activity, the first/last Sunday school, etc.)

And the list goes on!

We have particularly made connections with kids through the newsletter. When they complete the bible reading quiz/coloring page they can hand it in for a little prize. The kids frequently ask when the next newsletter is coming out and always look forward it. They also love seeing photos of themselves in the newsletter; we didn’t realize how special this was until a young girl mentioned she posted the page from the newsletter with her photo on the wall of her bedroom.

There are many different ways to compose a newsletter, ranging from a simple layout to a more detailed and complex one; either way, a newsletter is a positive tool that can help to strengthen and build up your ecclesia and bring all of your members together.

Newsletter Sample 1 pdf

Newsletter Sample 2 pdf

Newsletter Sample 3 pdf

Newsletter Interview Questions

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