12 Favorite Bible and Bible Study Apps

Technology – love it and hate it!  While nothing beats a solid page-flipping book in my mind, these Bible apps are nontheless handy resources to carry around in your back pocket (maybe literally!)  We’ve broken our favorite apps into two categories.  The first group are Christadelphian produced apps that mainly focus on daily Bible reading.  The second group of apps are not Christadelphian, but are specially recommended for their study tools or bonus resources (and they’re all free!).

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Key to the Bible is a Christadelphian produced app for both Android and iphone platforms.  It includes various reading plans including the Bible Reading Companion.  You can create an audio playlist of the daily readings and listen to it while you drive or work.  It also links to dailyreadings.org.uk for comments, and also links to a  variety of Christadelphian websites and magazines.  Finally it has a link for i-books that can be purchased through The Christadelphian.  All around a very useful app!

Bible Reading Companion (Google Play) – The home screen of this app shows the day’s three readings in the Christadelphian Bible Companion and a random commandment of Christ to reflect on.  You can read the day’s chapters from the KJV, ESV or NET.  Once a Scripture passage is opened there are convenient buttons for the relevant comments (taken from dailyreadings.org.uk) for that chapter and a map of the areas mentioned.

The following apps are primarily based off the Christadelphian Bible Companion:

Daily Bible Reading by tekkies.co.uk is compatible for all devices. Includes a downloadable KJV Bible.


Daily makes it easy to do your daily readings and ensure you read the whole Bible each year

Daily: Bible Reading by Devin Davies (apple devices including the apple watch).


Learn to read the Bible effectively by using the Know Questions App

Bible Quiz – Know Questions (apple devices) besides the daily readings, this app includes reading comprehension questions based off of the “Know” Books.  The questions can be used in daily readings or for Sunday School questions etc.


Bibleinfo is compatible with both iPhones and Android.  Besides the daily readings, it offers a number of different Bible versions to choose from.


Bonus!  Christadelphian Hymn Book App (Android).



Other Bible Reading and Study Apps

Free Bible App in over 900 Languages

Bible.Is  – the Bible in over 1,000 languages!!  The audio on this app is very well done – it offers audio of the KJV, NAS, ESV, RV and more.


Bible App IconYouVersion – one of the great features of YouVersion is that you can add friends to connect over Bible reading together.  You can create and share a “verse of the day” to friends over texting or social media.  It also offers a long list of versions to choose from, audio, and various Bible reading plans (including the Christadelphian Bible Companion) along with “trackers” and reminders for these plans.   Youversion also offers 100+ languages.


BLB Blue Letter Bible – this is a favorite tool for Bible study.  It includes a Hebrew and Greek lexicon, dictionaries, encyclopedias, Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge and more.  You can also highlight verses or tag them to organize your study, and it also includes audio!


Logos Bible – one of the unique things about Logos Bible is that it includes a reference scanner – so you can take a picture on your phone of a verse you see anywhere and it will look it up for you!  Yeah, I thought that was cool, too!  It also includes text comparison, Greek and Hebrew word comparison, a section for Bible Word Study and other study tools.  You can also share verses across social media.


My Sword Bible – this app has Bible study tools galore!  It has multiple off-line Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries and books (including Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge).  It has Bible version verse comparison, highlighting, bookmarking.  It has a search for Bible, Commentaries and personal notes.  Strong’s number linked to dictionary, and Bible maps.  Great one stop shop.


Olive Tree – has great reading plans including thematic reading plans.  Another bonus in this app is that you can click on a word from the verse and conveniently look up all other instances of this word’s use.  It also offers a split screen so you can read from parallel translations.


What app(s) do you like to use?  Why do you like it?


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