Sunday School Review – Genesis Games

Thanks to Meriden Christadelphians for putting these game ideas together.

These four games focus on the book of Genesis.  There are ideas of how to play each game included in the first page of each PDF file below.

Please note:  Some of the questions relate to parts of Genesis that aren’t covered in CSSA Stage 1.  You could either take these questions out of the pile, or you could let the child have a chance to see if they know the answer, depending on the background of your class.

“Who Said It?” Game

Click here to download the instructions and printable questions.  The PDF is intended to be printed double sided (so the answers are on the back of each card) and prints 2 copies of each quotation. This allows you to play mix and match games (like concentration) with the quotes and the answers.

One way we play, (to allow everyone an opportunity to guess every turn) is we give each child a small dry erase board and pen. The teacher then reads out the quote and gives everyone a chance to write down who they think said the quote. You can keep score of points, hand out small candies or stickers to those who get the answer right.

The instructions have other variations of the game as well.


“Genesis Events” Game (Starter & Expert Versions)

Click here to download the Starter questions that go with the game.
Click here to download the Expert questions that go with the game.

Both sets of cards can be used several ways:

1 – With beginning readers, start very simply. Introduce the cards to them by placing all the events in biblical order on a table. Use two sets of cards.
Place the events of one set next to the references of the other set: each event next to its reference. Ask the children to look at the cards and tell where the Creation story is found in Genesis (Genesis 1-2); where the story of Jacob and Rachel is found (Genesis 29), etc.

Help them visualize Genesis in order before giving them more sophisticated tasks to do with the cards.


Later they can do things like the following:

2 – Students can use a set of cards as flash cards to sharpen their knowledge of where events are found in the Bible.

3 – Play a “Genesis Events” game. Shuffle both sets of cards and stack them event side up. Players take turns drawing the top card, reading the event aloud, and guessing where it is found in Genesis. If they guess correctly, they keep the card. If not, the other players guess. If no one guesses correctly, show everyone the answer on the back of the card and return it to the bottom of the pile. At the end, the player who has collected the most cards wins. The game can also be played starting with the reference side up. Then players have to guess the event that is found in each passage.

4 – Use both sets of cards. Place the events from one set face up on a table. Place the references from the other set face up. Mix and match. Make this a group activity by having students help each other match the references with the events. With information on both sides of the cards, the activity is self correcting.

5 – Use one set of “Bible Events” cards. Randomly spread the cards event side up. Students work alone or in small groups to place the events in biblical order. With references on the back, the activity is self-correcting.

“How well do you know Genesis” Game

Click here to download the instructions and printable questions.  The questions and answers can be written out on index cards, or the teacher may choose to just read them aloud to their students.

Have fun playing the games! If you are looking for more great game ideas, visit this page on the Meriden Christadelphian’s website.

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