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DAVID MOORE READS THE PSALMS   (also, The Song of the Bow)

English-born, Bro David Moore was a former ABC radio actor, announcer, and presenter. He was also an award winning documentary film producer, narrating all his own films. Outside of their professions, throughout the 1970s-80s he and  his multi-talented wife Sis Joy, also a radio actor, singer, and scriptwriter, were well known in West Australian ecclesial circles for their superb Sunday School plays.

These were produced by Joy, who also wrote the scripts, later collaborating with daughter Susan, and always included professional-standard sound FX, music and David’s inimitable narrations.

David’s ability to read scripture with warmth, passion, sensitivity, intelligence, and utter conviction was not a product of training, it was instinctive. To hear him read and ‘give the sense’ was often exhortational in itself. It is the sincere hope of his family that his beautiful voice will bring joy and solace to others in these rare recordings of his bible readings.

In the 1970s, the advance of technology enabled David and Joy to produce a cassette-tape series of Sunday School support material which followed the 5-year Australian S.S. lesson syllabus. Combining narration, discussion, dramatisation and singing, they were particularly valuable for families in isolation.

While David and Joy were the presenters and principal actors, they recruited professional actor friends when they could, and roped in anyone else who was willing, to take bit parts. The contrast between the professionals and rank amateurs is rather painful but with limited resources it was unavoidable at the time. These old recordings, copied first to CD and finally to MP3, are of less than ideal sound quality,  but they are still in circulation. It is hoped that in future they might be re-mastered to provide a more even quality of both the sound and the incidental actors, while preserving David and Joy’s much-loved voices for another generation of listeners.  Publication of their plays to provide an extra resource for youth leaders in our community, is another project in prospect, God Willling.

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