Review of Seedbed Psalms (Psalms set to meter!)

Sing the Psalms!

Singing is an amazing tool for helping God’s word to stick in your mind so you can meditate on it.

Psalms Seedbed Website* has taken each Psalm and set it to meter, so that you can match it with a tune that you recognize.  The wording of each is carefully chosen to, as best as possible, accurately reflect the original Psalm.  Pick a Psalm and match it with a tune from the hymnbook, and sing (and memorize) it!

If you aren’t sure what meter is, they also have a great explanation of how meter works:  You can find what meter a hymn is both above the music, and also in the back of the hymnbook.

If you’re looking for the recorded music to hymns be sure to check out

And finally, if you can also find simplified hymns here, for playing some of the Psalms as you learn them!


*This website is not Christadelphian, and we do not necessarily endorse all of its material.

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