Proverbs Lapbook

Thanks to Sarah. O for today’s post.

This lapbook was originally used for a Bible school class for K-Gr.1 children, but could easily be adapted for home or ecclesial use.

To start:

Purchase one colored piece of poster board per child. Cut the poster board into three strips and staple together in the middle to create a book.

Print off this PDF file one per child.

Front Cover:

Use markers & stickers to decorate

*Optional: use letter stickers to spell “Proverbs”

Page 1:

Print off Bible verse, gravestone and forest pictures (in PDF)

Cut out of cardstock paper a black curvy road and a white curvy road.

Have children color the pictures & add stickers of animals and plants to decorate white road.

Page 2:

Print off ant verse & ant sign (in PDF)

Cut out an ant body from felt.

Have children color ant sign and finish ant with pipe cleaners and googly eyes, create slugs, and add insect stickers.

Page 3:

Print off tongue verses and pictures (in PDF)

Print 4 blue smiley faces & 4 red angry faces for each child.

Have children color pictures and glue faces on over verses.


Page 4:

Print off virtuous woman verses (in PDF)

Cut out of felt a pocket and clothing for the children to add inside their pockets. Have buttons to decorate.

Have children color decorate verses.

Page 5:

Print off friends’ pictures & verses (in PDF)

Draw a friendship wheel on each lap book. You will need brad fasteners to attach cover of wheel.

Have children color pictures and add stickers to decorate wheel.


“But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.” Proverbs 4:18

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