Bible School Lesson Round Up + More Coming Soon!

With spring having arrived (even though it might not feel like it quite yet, depending on where you are), many of us are beginning to think about Bible School lessons.

From now until mid-June, God willing, we plan to post 1-2 new lessons (notes, lapbooks, crafts etc) each week (some on Thursday after the Sunday School lessons are over).

In the meantime, to jump start the Bible school lesson series, this post is a round up of links for resources that we have shared over the past year for Bible School.

We’d love to hear if there is anything you are looking for, and as always, we would love to receive lessons that you have done for Bible School to share with others, too!

May God be with you in your planning!


Planning sheet templates for Bible School lesson plans.



Five day lesson plan for preschoolers on Moses.

Five day lesson plan for preschoolers on Abraham.

Proverbs lapbook.

Glad wrap painting.



Peter lapbook for 6-8 year olds.

Apostle Paul lapbook for 6-8 year olds.

Travelling with Paul passport.

Soldier finger puppet (useful for many NT stories).

Vacation Bible School on Esther, but could be re-purposed for Bible School.

Diorama craft.

You can also re-purpose lapbook, crafts, and activities pages from our CSSA section (so far we have gone through Stage 1- Genesis through Deuteronomy).


Older Kids

You might consider re-purposing some of our Bible Journals for using in an older Kid class.


Games and Activities

Resource for purchasing blank books, puzzles and game boards.

Bible Scavenger Hunt Games … Activity 1 and Activity 2.

Floor map of Israel Activity.

CYC Bible carnival.

Sunday School Review Games for Genesis.

Game board for Genesis to Wilderness Wanderings.

Lesson review ideas.

Review board game.

Chain review game.

Paul’s third journey review game.

Life size game board.

Bible based team game ideas.

Samuel and Samson games for older children/teens.

General Resources

Resource for purchasing blank books, games and puzzles.

Review on Scripture put to song resource for children.

Review on resource for Psalms set to music.

Review on thorough resource for activity pages.

Review on thorough resource for copyright free Bible images.

Timeline of the Bible sheet/poster.

Timeline of the life of Christ sheet/poster.

Timeline of the book of Acts sheet/poster.


Check out these Christadelphian pinterest pages for Sunday School that may also be helpful for Bible School ideas.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the MagnifyHimTogether pinterest page for more ideas.

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