The Good and the Beautiful Book List Review

Learning to read is a critical part of our children’s discipleship. It opens the door for our children to read and study the word of God for themselves to make them “wise unto salvation.”

You don’t have to look far to see that most of the books at book stores and libraries today are full of immoral behavior and speech that we don’t want to expose our children to.

If you have a child who enjoys reading, and reads a lot, it can be difficult to have time to proof read each book to make sure it is up to the “high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” We are excited to share with you this helpful book list of over 600 books that have been thoroughly checked through for inappropriate content.

Please note: This book list is put out by the non-Christadelphian publishing company The Good and the Beautiful

Here is a outline of the Book List Standards from the publishing company’s website:

If any book goes against ANY of these standards, it is not recommended. This does not mean the book does not also contain good messages or have good qualities. Most unclean books and movies are mixed with some positive messages and qualities. Only books that meet ALL of the standards below are chosen.

  1. Avoids Potty Language and All Uses of Profanity and Taking God’s Name in Vain
  2. Avoids an Underlying Feeling of Negativity or Darkness
  3. Avoids Violence Used for Entertainment or Shock Value or Is Overly Graphic
  4. Magic or anthropomorphic animals (animals that act like humans). The Good and the Beautiful does not have a statement on magic or animals that act like humans, and whether that is right or wrong. We have chosen to keep everything in the natural realm that God created.(Note that there are a small number of books on our book list  that contain some magical elements, and they are all noted with a specific symbol.)
  5. Does Not Weaken Family, Faith, or Christ‐Like Behavior
    • Portrays strong families, motherhood, and fatherhood as desirable and noble
    • Portrays parents as being valuable, involved, and helpful. If positive family ties are not portrayed, it is clear they are not acceptable.
    • Promotes respect and appreciation for teachers, peers, siblings, and extended family
    • Portrays faith in God as desirable and noble
    • Portrays learning and education as desirable and noble
    • Does not portray bad behavior or weak character traits as humorous, entertaining, normal, or acceptable (laziness, negativity, flippant attitude, disrespect, cruelty, violence, gossip, pride, vanity, self‐centeredness, revenge, greed, worldliness, unkindness, immodesty, immorality, lack of depth of character)

The Book List download comes with three different lists:

  1. The Good and the Beautiful Book List
  2. A condensed version of The Good and the Beautiful Book List (to print and bring to the library or book store)
  3. Books that did NOT Make the List

A reading level assessment is also available from the website to help you choose books at appropriate reading levels for your children.


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 “The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out.” Proverbs 18:5

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