Tabernacle Lapbook and Lesson Notes

This particular lapbook was created for a Bible School (6 Sunday School sessions) for a 6-7 year old class.  It could also be used in Sunday School when covering the Tabernacle, or even at home as an activity to do with your own children.  You can choose to add other things to the lapbook if needed, or even scale it back and include fewer flaps.



For those of you who aren’t familiar with lapbooks, please refer to this post where we explain what a lapbook is and how to put one together!

Lapbook Files

There are a few files which make up the lapbook:

  • This PDF document is the front cover for the lapbook.
  • This PDF document contains the lapbook flaps. The instructions on how to assemble each flap is included within the document.
  • This is an alternative PDF document that has the “purpose” of each item of furniture left blank. This would be suitable for older children who are able to write more.

Extra note for the PDF that has all the flaps in them.  There is the option to print everything in black and white.  If you prefer to print the items of furniture that go on the front of those six flaps in colour, I have included four pages at the end of the PDF.  The main part of the flap can be printed in black and white and all the furniture items are on one page, which can be printed in colour.  They will then need to be cut out and glued to the front of the furniture flap.  This just cuts down on the number of pages you have to print in colour!


Lesson Notes

These are the lesson notes that go along with the lapbook.  At the end of each lesson, there is a list of what lapbook flaps were done for that particular day.



This is a great model you can print and put together.  I found it very helpful when teaching the lessons throughout the week.  It is quite small if you print it at 100%.  I adjusted it to 175% and printed it over multiple pages.  This was a much better size to work with!


Throughout the week, we also measured out the real size of the Tabernacle so the kids could get an idea of how big it was.  This was really helpful in getting a perspective of the size.


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