Minor Characters in the NT Lapbook, Lesson Notes and Activities

This particular lapbook was created for a Bible Camp (5 Sunday School sessions) for a 6-8 year old class.  It could also be used in Sunday School when covering these lessons, or even at home as an activity to do with your own children.  You can choose to add other things to the lapbook if needed, or even scale it back and include fewer flaps.

The lapbook focuses on minor characters in the Acts of the Apostles (Ananias and Sapphira, Stephen, Tabitha, Lydia, Aquila and Priscilla) … and two from Paul’s epistle to Philemon (Onesimus and Philemon).



For those of you who aren’t familiar with lapbooks, please refer to this post where we explain what a lapbook is and how to put one together!

Lapbook Files

There are a few files which make up the lapbook:

  • This PDF document is the front cover for the lapbook and the “key lessons” page for the back.
  • This PDF document contains the lapbook flaps. The instructions on how to assemble each flap is included within the document.
  • This Word document is the labels for the Philemon sequencing activity.  (Print on Avery labels #22805 – or print them on plain paper and cut them out.  There are four sets of stickers per page).


Lesson Notes

These are the lesson notes that go along with the lapbook.  At the end of each lesson, there is a list of what lapbook flaps were done for that particular day.


Class Activities

We did a little activity / object lesson to go along with each of the lessons.  They are listed in the above lesson notes and also included below.

Activity for Lesson 1 – Brown-Es

  • Put a bunch of “Es” cut out on brown construction paper in a pan with alfoil on top.
  • Tell the kids you worked hard and made brownies … and wanted to share them with you.
  • Take the alfoil off the corner and start giving out the Es to some of the kids … see their reaction!
  • How do they feel? Ask if it was honest for me to do this?
  • Did I need to bring brownies for everyone? No – but I tricked you into thinking I did which isn’t right!

Activity for Lesson 2 – Practice forgiveness and clean our hearts

  • Mark a heart on the floor with chalk (or tape).
  • Put a bunch of cards in the heart with hurtful things children might do to each other (ie. lying, pushing, calling someone a name, being selfish, cheating in a game etc).
  • On the opposite of the room, place a bucket / basket.
  • Tell the kids when someone does something wrong to us, it hurts. But Jesus tells us to forgive them – just like Stephen did.
  • Have the kids line up on the opposite side of the room from the heart.
  • Take it in turns to run over to the heart and bring back a piece of paper … read it in front of everyone then throw it in the bucket / basket and say “I forgive you”.

Activity for Lesson 3 – Make purple paper to turn into a card

  • Dye a piece of paper purple (with paint or food colouring).
  • On the following day, write on the cards.

Activity for Lesson 4 – Write a message on the cards

  • Glue “Thinking of You” words on the front of the card.
  • Write a message on the cards made yesterday.

Activity for Lesson 5 – Bible Marking

Colour the verses which describe characteristics of Philemon:

  • V1 – is a believer and serves other believers
  • V5 – love and faith towards Jesus and all the saints
  • V7 – believers have been refreshed through him
  • V21 – obedient


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