Judges – Workbook, Lesson Notes, Cube Craft and Game

The time of the Judges is an exciting, action-packed period in Israel’s history!  You can really make the stories come to life for children.  The workbook, lesson notes and cube craft were put together for a Bible Camp (5 Sunday School sessions) for a 7-9 year old class.

Lesson Notes and Workbook

These are the lesson notes and accompanying workbook to go along with the lessons.  The lessons cover the death of Joshua, introduction to the Judges, Eglon and Ehud, Deborah and Barak, Gideon, and Samson.



Cube Craft

Items needed to make the cube craft:

  • Wooden cube (you could also use a foam cube)
  • Wood burner or sharpie to write a title on the cube
  • Foam pieces in various colours
  • Pom poms (for Eglon)
  • Googly eyes (for Eglon and Samson)
  • Toothpicks (for Ehud’s sword, Gideon’s flaming torch)
  • Paper fastener (for pitcher)
  • Yellow / orange / red tissue paper (for inside pitcher)
  • Small nail (to represent tent peg that Jael used)
  • Wool / yarn (for Samson’s hair)

Each day we did a different side of the cube, to go along with the lesson.



Bible Jeopardy Game on Judges

Thanks to Esther K. for sharing this bible jeopardy game on the period of the Judges.

Click here to download the game in PowerPoint.



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