John 1 to 5 Lapbook, Lesson Notes and Activities

This particular lapbook was created for a Bible School (5 Sunday School sessions) for a 5-6 year old class.  It could also be used in Sunday School when covering the lessons in John 1 to 5, or even at home as an activity to do with your own children.  You can choose to add other things to the lapbook if needed, or even scale it back and include fewer flaps.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with lapbooks, please refer to this post where we explain what a lapbook is and how to put one together!

Lapbook Files

There are a few files which make up the lapbook:

  • This PDF document is the front cover for the lapbook.
  • This PDF document is the colouring page for the back of the lapbook.
  • This PDF document contains the lapbook flaps. The instructions on how to assemble each flap is included within the document.
  • This PDF document is the mini book on Nicodemus. If you are unsure how to fold a mini book, just google “how to fold a mini book” and you will get lots of instructions!


Lesson Notes

These are the lesson notes that go along with the lapbook.  At the end of each lesson, there is a list of what lapbook flaps were done for that particular day.


Additional Class Activities

If you have time in your class, these additional activities could be done each day to go along with the lesson.

Day 1

  • Hide and seek game … print out these pictures of honeycomb and locusts and hide them around the Sunday School room. Have the kids try to find as many as they can.
  • Edible grasshoppers … made from celery, nutella (or peanut butter), pretzels for wings, M&Ms for eyes.

Day 2

  • Give each child a small goblet with a drop of red food coloring in the bottom. Poor water into the goblet and see their reaction!
  • Decorate plain pencil cases (made in advance) … use fabric markers and encourage the children to choose something from the lessons you are looking at.

Day 3

  • Nicodemus obstacle course … set up a small obstacle course and pretend you are Nicodemus finding his way to Jesus at night.
  • Continue designs on pencil cases (from day 2).

Day 4

  • Do nobleman puzzle in lapbook.
  • Design a shrinky dink to put on the pencil case. Supplies needed for shrinky dinks include … shrinky dink paper (the type you can use pencils on), hole punch, coloured pencils, key ring, templates for the kids to trace (optional).

Day 5

  • Do sequence activity in lapbook.
  • Melt shrinky dinks in oven (or small toaster oven) and attach to completed pencil case.



Have fun putting the lapbook together!


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