Qwirkle Themed Bible Game

Thanks to Nicole R. for this post!

This craft was done as 5 day craft at a Bible school. It was with 9-10 year olds and it took four days (one hour per day) to make the game and on the last day they were able to play it with their friends.

Because of the multi-colored tiles, it fit the Joseph theme well, but it could also be used for a class on Noah, or even the march of the Rainbowed Angel.


*  108 scrabble tiles or similar (should be wood as they need to be spray painted) you can get them in bulk off amazon. (I wouldn’t advise making your own. It is a big job afterwards sanding tiles)
*  6 colours of paper
*  6 basic shilouettes relating to your Bible story (pictured is Joseph) drawn up & photocopied onto your coloured paper
*  White glue
*  Something to seal tiles once done … we painted white glue over the top (mod podge would work too)
*  Rules of quirkle downloaded from the internet & printed (usually played with basic shapes)

You will need enough silhouettes for 3 of each shape in each of your 6 colours.

We also made cloth bags for kids to put their games in.



Spray paint their tiles black on both sides (we did this with 9-10 year olds & they were capable)

Cut out squares with their silhouettes on.
Glue silhouettes on tiles.

Paint clear sealer over the top of each tile.

NOTE: It is helpful to have 1 large piece of solid cardboard/a tray of some sort for each child where they can spread their tiles out to dry between craft sessions so it hopefully doesn’t get mixed up with another child’s craft. The lack of one tile can spoil the finished game and we spent lots of time counting tiles between classes because two sets of tiles had gotten mixed up!

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