How and Why to do a Bible Character Study – Template Included

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God’s Word is filled with the sorrows and triumphs of many characters.  While the Greatest Character to study and emulate will always remain the One who perfectly manifested His Father, we can perhaps personally relate to some of the other characters in their spiritual successes and failures.  The lives of the faithful form a great cloud of witnesses that can surround and inspire us, so that we can learn and be admonished from the failures, faith and growth of these imperfect people.

“Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ.” said Paul (1 Cor 11:1).

In his class, How to set effective spiritual goals using Bible examples, Roger Lewis describes how many of those in the Bible were inspired by the example of someone in Scripture who had gone before.  For example, Deborah could be inspired by Miriam, and Jonathan seems to have found a role model in Gideon.   He suggests then that we should seek to be deliberate about the study of Bible characters with a little more intensity to seek to understand the secrets of how they lived their lives.

“Who is your hero or heroine in the Bible?  Who might be a source of inspiration to you in your journey through life?”


Use this template to get to know a character whose life’s record God has preserved for our learning:

Character Study Template



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