Lesson Notes: Joshua through Elisha

These Bible stories are aimed at ages 6-9, and can be used as lesson notes for Bible school or at home.  Each story includes three illustrated pages and concludes with a life lesson or important teaching.  This series is part of an ongoing project (we hope to eventually cover all the major Bible stories with lessons that align with Christadelphian beliefs).  It’s still in a first draft phase, so although it is currently usable – if you have edits, feedback, or formatting suggestions, they will definitely be welcomed!


As a note, Children’s Bible Bulletins has activity pages to match all of these lessons except the last two Elisha lessons.  You can read a review of Children’s Bible Bulletins here.


Joshua Notes

Be Strong and of Good Courage (Moses dies and Joshua becomes leader) – Lesson: Trusting in God

Rahab, the Faithful – Lesson: Encouraging others in faith

Crossing the Jordan – Lesson: Keeping a memorial of God’s deliverance

The Fall of Jericho – Lesson: Trust and obey God and our parents

The Sin of Achan – Lesson: Thou shalt not covet/ don’t be greedy for what is not yours


Judges Notes

The Judges Cycle – God is merciful when we repent

Deborah and Barak – Lesson: Encouraging others to do what is right

Gideon is called – Lesson: Tearing down idols

Gideon and the Midianites – Lesson: God’s strength is made perfect in weakness

A Baby and a Nazirite Vow – Lesson: Being set apart for God

Samson and Delilah – Lesson: Don’t be friends with the world


Ruth Notes

A Famine in the Land – Lesson: Hungering and Thirsting for righteousness

Returning to Bethlehem – Lesson: Helping others

In the Fields of Boaz – Lesson: Looking out for strangers (fatherless, widows, poor)

A Redeemer – Lesson: Christ is our redeemer, like Boaz


Samuel Notes

Samuel is born – Lesson: Praying to God

God appears to Samuel – Lesson: Having Samuel’s ear while we are young

Israel demands a king – Lesson: God is our King


 David Notes

David Anointed King – Lesson: God looks at the heart

David and Goliath – Lesson: God is bigger

David and Jonathan – Lesson: Godly friendships

David Spares Saul – Lesson: Repaying evil for good

God’s Covenant with David – Lesson: Christ the future Son of David


Solomon and Rehoboam

Solomon Prays for Wisdom – Lesson: Seeking God’s wisdom

Solomon builds the temple – Lesson: A greater Solomon is coming

Divided Kingdom – Lesson: Bad advice


Elijah Notes

Ravens Feed Elijah – Lesson: God cares for us

Widow of Zarapheth – Lesson: Putting others before ourselves

Mt. Carmel – Lesson: The LORD, He is God! Follow Him!

Mt Horeb – Lesson: Don’t feel alone

The Whirlwind – Lesson: The future work of Elijah


Elisha Notes

Elisha and the Shunemite’s Son – Lesson: Jesus is the resurrection

Naaman – Lesson: Don’t be proud

Chariots of Fire – Lesson: Angels are encamping around us

Seige of Samaria – Lesson: What God says WILL happen






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