Joy of Sunday School Book Review

Long before searching the internet to find creative, scripturally sound Sunday School resources was a thing, Bro. Jim Harper and contributors produced a quarterly journal called JOYSS (JOY of Sunday School).


What began as a quarterly journal morphed into a digital book that is now over 450 pages long, including classroom management tips, teaching resources and tried and true craft and game ideas from many different Christadelphian Sunday School teachers.

This is an invaluable resource for Sunday School teachers (whether they are new and just starting out, or perhaps have taught for many years and are looking for some fresh ideas!). It would also be incredibly helpful for teaching at Bible schools, study days, or even for in-home use with your own family.

This book can be purchased as a digital download and displayed on a computer, phone or tablet. It has helpful internal links that take you to related content in other places of the book.

Click here to download a free sample or purchase the book.

Brother Jim writes a lovely dedication at the beginning of the book outlining its purpose:

The Joy of Sunday Schooling

Jim Harper and Contributors


The idea for this book and a lot of its contents are mine, but The Joy of Sunday Schooling is much more than just my book. It includes many valuable contributions from Sunday School teachers, parents, and students across our Christadelphian brotherhood. It is the product of many lives and many experiences over many years.

Still, the book is hardly exhaustive. How could any book on Sunday Schooling ever be? But this I know: the book is vastly richer for the contributions that these sisters and brothers and young people have made to it. I cannot express enough heartfelt thanks for all they have done and for their willingness to let me share their work and their stories with you. It is to all of them that The Joy of Sunday Schooling is gratefully dedicated.

Jim Harper

Meriden, Connecticut

April 2019

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