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I happened to stumble on these great Bible images last year when I was searching for something on Pixabay.  They are a series of black and white drawings of various Bible stories.  So far I have found them to be very accurate as well … no angels with wings!

The Common To All website is laid out a little differently and you have to dig around a bit to find all the stories.  Unfortunately all the stories that have been drawn are not listed in chronological order.  There were a number of projects done over the years and each project has a series of four pictures drawn for different Bible stories. Within each of the projects, the stories are listed chronologically … but there is no master list of all the stories!

The pictures are great to use for coloring sheets, in workbooks, projects etc.  All of the images are released under CC0 (Public Domain) license.  You don’t need to give credit when using them, however, the artists do like it when people point others to their source (ie. “images from“).

An example of a few drawings:


For other great colored Bible images, please refer to this review of

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