Ruth Study

{Thank you to Julie S. for this post and Ruth workbook!}

The book of Ruth is such an inspiring story: a sad beginning, but such a happy ending! It is the kind of story that can help us to believe that God is indeed working in our own lives. Throughout there are no blatant miracles, no fire from the sky, but instead the providence of God is hidden in many little, everyday choices. His will can be hard to understand, and the path is often more like a wandering trail than the highway we might like it to be, but in the end, God is faithful.

Take some time in Ruth. There are lessons here that we can all take very much to heart: how to be a virtuous man like Boaz, how to be a virtuous woman like Ruth, and how to renew one’s faith like Naomi.

You can also find the thoughts from this study, elaborated on by other sisters, on a sister’s class Facebook group here:



Ruth Study

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